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Working With IER Solutions

IER recognises that customer requirements vary enormously.

We look to tailor our support to suit the specific requirements of your business – whether it be a one-off purchase of training or tools through to an on-going relationship managing the IR/ER implications of a specific project or change activity.

Managing Relations

Carefully managing employee relations and industrial relations in the workplace is key to creating a successful business.

A positive environment has been shown to directly impact on employee engagement and subsequent financial performance.

Understanding your Business

Tapping into the workforce’s discretionary energy requires a thorough understanding of what drives and motivates employees. This includes understanding potential productivity blockers and destabilising influences which can cause employees to perform below expectations or leave the company.

IER Solutions understand the factors which impact upon the ER/IR environment and understand what is required by all levels of the organisation to positively influence it on a daily basis.  Awareness, consistency and clarity around the interventions required are key to developing a robust IR or ER strategy.

Our Approach

With focussed training business leaders and line supervision can acquire these skills and prioritise the interventions in line with the business goals.

At the heart of our work is the use of analytical tools and data – these are the foundations upon which the strategy is built and the plans are developed

Global specialists in employee and industrial relations

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