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Managing a non-unionised workforce

Why develop an Employee Relations Strategy?

Through developing an IR strategy you can ensure that all the daily activities, employee interactions and business decisions involving your workforce align with your business plans.

The ability to look at those decisions from below as well as above allows you to recognise where there are opportunities to engage, involve and enthuse your employees. Ultimately competitive advantage for your business requires engagement at all levels of the organisation and across all departments within the organisation. Understanding and aligning all stakeholders’ interests requires an employee relations strategy

The Employee Relations Offering

  • Employee engagement – what does it look like and how to tap into discretionary effort
  • Understanding the staff model – why it is critical, how it works and why it breaks
  • Measuring employee morale – risk assessments
  • Establishing effective employee forums
  • Line leader training and awareness
  • Building an Employee Value Proposition
  • Managing the impact of Human Rights on ER
  • Quantifying workplace unionisation risk
  • Union prevention techniques

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