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Managing a unionised workforce who are recognised, or who wish to be recognised, for collective bargaining purposes

IER Solutions have the depth of experience to support you in managing the specific, and often unique, issues associated with having a union recognised workforce.

We can support you in negotiating new bargaining agreements or adapting existing agreements particularly where one, or a combination, of issues are creating productivity or cost concerns.

All IR strategies are by definition specific and tailored to your organisation.  We work with you to establish tailor-made negotiation strategies and bargaining mandates well in advance of actual negotiations; establishing disciplined bargaining processes and plans as well as assisting in the preparations for negotiations including risk and scenario planning.

We can work alongside and support your Chief Negotiator as the negotiations unfurl. We can train leaders on different negotiation techniques in line with your objectives and the objectives of all stakeholders.

Industrial Relations Offering

  • Handling a union campaign
  • Understanding different negotiation techniques
  • Managing and controlling union influence in the workplace
  • Collective Bargaining: Managing changes to employee terms and conditions
  • Utilising IR Analytics: understanding the real issues versus the perceptions
  • Resolving specific conflicts
  • Collective Bargaining preparation and support in managing negotiations

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